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As a university lecturer, every year I have new students joining my course who are not truly prepared for higher education. I can see their anxiety and frustration.

Coding is the new literacy. It's all around us, and research shows that 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't been invented yet.

I have put my 15 years of expertise in designing this course to prepare young students for the future of technology. This is the UK's only coding course for kids accredited by the NCFE, a recognised awarding body.

In addition to teaching your child how to code, this course will also teach them soft skills such as problem solving, creative thinking and innovative design. Valuable skills that can be used in any field and profession.

- Ali Nemati. CEO & Founder. University Lecturer. MSc, BA, LCA

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What will they learn?

It's the education that matters

  • Coding with Python

  • Coding terminology and principles

  • Object Orientated Programming

  • Programming techniques such as Functions, Events, Variables, Loops & Arrays

  • Games Design & Art Work Manipulation

  • Soft skills such as problem solving, creative thinking & innovative design


Prepare your child for the future with our NCFE accredited qualifications

  • Accredited qualification by the NCFE, a UK recognised awarding body

  • Free tutor support on demand

  • Create your own games & apps

  • Teaches tools & techniques used by university students & professionals

  • Prepares kids for the future of technology

  • Develop a portfolio of jaw-dropping projects to show potential schools, collages, universities and employers


  • Curriculum designed by university lecturer

  • Step by step video tutorials

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Affordable payment plans

  • No Contracts - Cancel anytime

  • Lifetime access

  • Ofsted Registered

  • NCFE Approved

Course curriculum

  • 03
    Having fun with Turtle!
    Show Content
    • Draw with Turtles!
    • Turtles & Patterns
  • 04
    Ninja Turtle Racer Game!
    Show Content
    • Ninja Turtles Racer: Part 1
    • Ninja Turtles Racer: Part 2
    • Ninja Turtles Racer: Part 3
    • Ninja Turtles Racer: Part 4
    • Submit your Ninja Turtles Racer game
  • 05
    Bonus Clips - How to fix your errors!
    Show Content
    • Errors in Python
    • EOL errors
    • Module Not Found Error
    • Attribute Error & Line Error
    • Type Errors
  • 06
    Encrypted Messages!
    Show Content
    • Encrypted Messages: Part 1
    • Encrypted Messages: Part 2
    • Encrypted Messages: Part 3
    • Encrypted Messages: Part 4
  • 07
    Noughts & Crosses
    Show Content
    • Noughts & Crosses: Part 1
    • Noughts & Crosses: Part 2
    • Noughts & Crosses: Part 3
    • Noughts & Crosses: Part 4
    • Noughts & Crosses: Part 5
    • Submit your Noughts & Crosses game!
  • 08
    Getting started with Pygame!
    Show Content
    • Installing Pygame
    • Pygame Basics: Part 1
    • Pygame Basics: Part 2
  • 09
    Making a game with Pygame
    Show Content
    • Project Set Up
    • Setting up keyboard controls
    • Adding movements
    • Setting up "Game Over" code
    • Let's get started with graphics!
    • Adding "Game Over" text
    • Setting up blocks (Part 1)
    • Settings up blocks (Part 2)
    • Setting up blocks (Part 3)
    • Creating a "score" system
    • It's all about Speeeeeed!
    • Making adjustments to our game
    • Setting up "High Scores"
    • Adding fonts particles!
    • Submit your final project

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