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Your questions answered

  • Will you add new courses?

    Absolutely! We constantly add new courses and our library is constantly growing!

  • Will I have to pay extra to access future courses?

    No, you will have access to all future courses added to Skills Lab!

  • Are these courses accredited?

    No, these courses are not accredited.
    For our accredited courses, please visit our website at

  • How are courses structured?

    We want to simplify learning new tech skills.
    Each subject will have multiple short courses, each working on a different small project.
    Each course will have a "Difficulty" rating, so whether your a beginner or an advanced user, you'll know which course is right for you.

  • What age range is this for?

    We're creating our platform for all ages.
    Each course will have tutorials for absolute beginners, intermediates & advanced students.
    Each course will also have a "Difficulty" rating, as well as a "Recommended Age" description. You'll be able to match courses with your skill level, and move up the ranks and start learning advanced topics in no time!Anyone will be able to build up their skills quickly!

  • How are the courses Taught?

    All courses are done through video tutorials, and some will also include quizzes and other activities as well.
    Since there is no live tutor or set class time, you can study at any time, and at your own pace.

  • Will I need to purchase any software licenses?

    Most software we use are either free, or free for education. Some courses (such as Adobe courses like Photoshop or Illustrator) may require you to purchase a license subscription.
    In each course, we will explain exactly what you need to do get the application you need.
    If you need to purchase any software, you'll need to do so directly from the developers of the Software.

  • Will I need a powerful computer to study?

    Not necessarily. Some courses demand very little computing power, while others require more. Each course will have a "Computing Power" rating, so you'll be able to see how demanding the tools we use are.
    In each course, we will also explain recommended hardware specification too.

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